What Is Terrorism?


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Terrorism is a term used to describe violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians.
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Terrorism is a biggest crime that done just to kill people and spread terror in minds of people.terror is the crime done by foreighner.
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Terrorism is a feared word which is gaining more and more significance in our world. It basically applies to violence or other destructive acts either committed or threatened targeted against civilians, by certain groups or persons. These would be typically for political or simply ideological goals. You will find that most definitions include solely those acts meant to let fear or "terror" prevail, that are perpetrated in favour of ideological goals (rather than mindless attacks), and those intentionally targeting "non-combatants".

The buzzword these days is the war on terrorism that the "good guys" of the world are waging. But this is increasingly difficult when terrorism has no face. With countless innocent people dying or suffering as a result of this war, many question who the real terrorists are.

Terrorism is not limited to any religion, nationality or identity. It is something we all have to face.
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Musaddiq Akhtar
Very helpful, but still there is one thing missing. You wrote violent acts against civilians, is terrorism. Then why then HAMAS which targets combatant forces of Isreal is a terrorist organisation.
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People who come from different countries to damage other countries with things like bombs.

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