Is Pakistan a hub of terrorism?


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I does play a part and should do more to tackle the problem, we in the uk have our own hubs so to speak, and should be more vigilant,as I believe that the enemy is within our own country,
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Yes indeed it is, --no doubt because Pakistan has some of the best Terrorist Training Schools in the World, turning out a constant stream of terrorist graduates, who go out on express terrorist missions from the central hub--which is Pakistan-- to various strategic cities around the globe.
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Addilynn All Star
Be quiet Arun...
Shahzada ayoub
Shahzada ayoub commented
You r mistaken mr Arun. A country involved in massacre every now and then, can't herself be a safer place on earth. Hope you are willing enough to ponder
Tony Newcastle
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That's right, Shahzada. --But then, Arun doesn't get out much these days, to find out what's going on across India. --And I didn't even mention those Tamil Tigers....
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The whole world is full of terrorism what you talking about?
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Pakistan has much published information on it, by for example Pakistan and Terrorism, its Policies, Network Secuirty and huge amount of press. 'Many overrvers urge for a new broad re-evlation of such policies.
Try  hppt/ where there is research and reporting.
We currently don't know exactly what's going on in Pakistan, and ike we have seen recently, al was not revealed relevant with recentl events. Governments protect their natioanal security and I would not know what a 'hub' of 'terrorism' is in Pakiistan. However. Globally no nation would not have 'terrorism', one of the plagues of last and this century on their agenda. Hope useful and go research now, and you may or may not find out more .... Hope Useful.
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I have heard it said that it is, but I would not say it is the hub of terrorism, but it is not totally Innocent, either.

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