What Is The Difference Between Terrorism And Jihad?


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Jihad is a very vast topic of Islam.There are many types of Jihad.Jihad can be done by pen by writting books against the evils in societies.Jihad can be done by helping poor in societies. Jihad can be done by speaking truth at every stage of life.Jihad can also be done by taking arms against those who attack any muslim country with any solid reasons etc.The goal of Jihad is to protect homeland and lives of innocent human beings and try to restore peace. In short, we can say that Jihad is a war against terrorists.
Terrorism is against Jihad.Terrorists destory peace and target innocent human beings.For example,America attacked on iraq that iraq has nuclear weapons.but in fact there were no nuclear weapons.Now thousands of innocent people are killing because of america.In this case america and all his supporters are terrorists.
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Jihad is one of teaching of Islam. Jihad orders Muslims to fight for right things, to fight for the sake of Islam, don't harm others until and unless they harm your religion, Jihad orders Muslims to fight only for the sake of your religion, or to save your other Muslim brother's life. Jihad doesn't mean to hurt someone, to hurt someone or take revenge without any reason.Terrorism is kind of different thing .

Nowadays terrorism is rising up but terrorism means if you are having any doubt that anyone might harm you just shoot him and destroy his life. Don't relate terrorism with Muslims because Muslim's Jihad is totally different from terrorism. Its Muslim's bad luck that nowadays they are having a label of terrorist. But we should try to make our lives according to the teachings of Islam
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You said that that Jihad orders Muslims to fight for the sake of Islam. That is the very thing that these extremists say. They declare that the United States is the big satan. Since the U.S. Is the world power. If they bring down the U.S. Don't that further Islam? If there goal is world domination. Thanks respectfully eager to hear from ya.
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Terrorism is to spread threat and terror in somebody's own or somebody else's land. It is to scare and kill people. It is to damage their property. It is all about destruction and depletion. While on the other hand, Jehad is a pillar of Islam and it tells how to fight against those who intrude your country or who annoy you in one way or the other. There is discrimination between Jehad and terrorism which need to be clarified to save the true picture of Islam.
Nowadays the concept of terrorism has been mixed with Jehad by some of extremists who believe that their only purpose is to spread Islam by the help of threats. It is not like this because Islam is the religion of spreading peace and love round the globe. How can it allow others to spoil people and property? But these extremists are terrorists who have spoiled the true image of Islam round the planet. Muslims comprise the 2nd most population of people on the surface of earth. They spread their teaching of Allah and Qur'an by the help of peace and love but these terrorist are involved in the act of terrorism and they think that they can change the world and either can convert them to Muslims or can deploy them by the help of war.
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I do beleive that many Muslims are very peaceful. I do wonder though where are all the muslim leaders that are standing publicly agianst the suicide bombers and the attack in America september 11. I can understand if Muslims are against certain U.S. Policies, but why don't they speak out agaisnt murder of inocent civilions?
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Jihad is specific term which is used for islam but terrorist have no religion and have no scope in islam. The most important difference between terrorism and jihad is ; jihad fights for the sake of life and protection , preservation of peace but  terrorist is the opposite of jihad. It destroy the peace.

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