How Will You Manage TERRORISM ?


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That is a great effort.. But what could be done for the extremists like the suicide bomber or people who are ready to die and kill others..
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Terrorism  is against law and govt.  But  if Govt is not acted to prevent terrrorism which is  going upward against national interests and its people , then may start or lead to counter terrorism. Favourism  will  lead to this and in some way it is justifiable towards  to protect the nation and its people, where our force is not acting  because of plotical inluence.

To prevent terrorism all  citizen should have  the nationalism in mind first of all.  Because the nation which gives us air , food etc should have to survive for us and our followers.. Now all the terrorims  is  only for making money and also without any aim. With war and weapon, no one  had won any victory  at last. Terrorism some times comes and acts as state sponsored. Only people with  a nationalism in mind , good culture, and  Armred force without  political control( in case of democratic country)  could prevent Terrorism.  Govt.  With good planning  has main role in preventing  this. Divide  and rule, favourism,unemployment, etc are  there reason for it. Any one who is giving importance to religion that human being is  one another  reason for it
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Terrorism is managed by finding the root cause of it. Different regions has different methods of counteracting terrorism. First I will do little survey on the cause of terrorism, what are the motives of terrorists, and most of all, "Are they really terrorist"? , and what are their act of terrorism. What societies are effected by it. After establishing all these prerequisites, Terrorism is managed by hook or by crook. The only way to manage terrorism is applying the rule of law. Terrorism prevails because terrorist don't get punishment of their actions. Implementation of law (in particular land, which I have authority of) will make terrorist think twice before committing crime. I will also make sure that no innocent person is being effected in the process of managing terrorism.

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