What Are The Negative Affects Terrorism Has On Globalization?


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Actually Terrorism has only Negative effects not only on globalization but also on other facets of life and business. Now companies simple avoid globalization efforts in countries that are more prone to terrorism. E.g Iraq and Afghanistan. Multinationals hesitate to expand to these countries. Due to terrorism, several countries get off from the main stream and are left behind in the fields of communication and technology, which adversely effects the globalization process.
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I had not heard that before.... But I assume it could be referring to the "terrorists" as simply wishing to have equal standing with the dominant countries in the world..... After all, sure those dudes are unsavory for us westerners.... But they are trying to preserve what they perceive to be the right way of life and also in the same breath to punish us super powers for what they rightfully perceive as the pillaging of their lands.

So, so long as industrial nations want to reap the benefits of the resources in their part of the world, we will inevitably face this so called "dark side of globalization"

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