Can Criminals Be Rehabilitated?


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In my experience, a prisoner who has received some form of intervention through education or training around the age of thirty-five is no longer going to want to spend this much time inside. Most criminals view prison time as an opportunity to learn skills, make connections and it is just an occupational hazard.

Whilst some prisoners are bound to see prison as something they want to avoid in the future, many have absolutely no desire to reform. As one prisoner once said to me, why would I swap a normal job for £800,000 per year, so what if I need to come here for a couple of years from time to time.

However, when it comes to sex offenders, I do not believe that they can be rehabilitated without the aid of a gas chamber. I do believe that they are mentally ill and not evil, but I feel that their existence is a waste of tax payers money and removing them from the earth is not such a bad thing.
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I say that some can and there are others that can not, if some are taught another way they will more than likely not like losing their freedom, while some others that is just a way of life for them, some things that people get time for is not worth wasting tax payers money on, and other laws that are on the books don't even get utilized, and get over looked, allowing criminals to be on the streets and in the community, we don't have the Ma Barkers and Bonnie and clyde's on the streets anymore so apply the laws to fit the crime and rehab those that can be...the best to you
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About an average of 70% of released criminals get incarcerated again within 3 years of their release. Keep in mind, that's within 3 years.
Considering that the largest motivation for the most common offenses is to obtain money to purchase drugs, I would assume that that is the place to start to reduce crime.
But if you're apt to the conflict theory, crime will always exist.
Though, in regards to the first answer, capital punishment increases the crime rate. I don't believe we had enough time to really give eugenics a chance.
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Yes sometimes..but it depends on the crimes they committed
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G'day Guest,

Thank you for your question.

Yes but you have to be smart about how you do it. It requires a great deal of resources but then prison costs a lot of money as does the justice system. You will always have some problem cases though.


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