How Can I File For Permanent Custody Of My Granddaughter I Already Have Temporary Emergency Custody I Want To File This On My Own Just Need The Forms?


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I'm sorry, but it is never as easy as that. You will need to go through your Family Services ultimately. You will need to have a very sound reason for keeping the child. Permanent custody means that the child's parents will have to have their rights to the child permanently severed.

If your child that is the parent wants you to have this, then the other parent will have to be brought into the case. If the other parent does not care, you can get it done.

However, if your child doesn't want you to have permanent custody, then you will have to prove either real neglect of the child, or prove absolutely that there is abuse of the child in the parent's home. You and both the parent's will have to have "home studies" done by a Social Worker. And keep in mind that Judges in these court cases are very loathe to permanently sever parental custody.

I used to be a Social Worker and dealt with cases like this. I only ever saw one case where the judge did sever the parental custody permanently. You will never be able to just file for permanent custody without the parents of the child being notified.

If you feel that you really have good cause and that things can be proved, you might want to start with a call to the Family Services of your state, in the county that the child is from.

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