My Daughter Signed Temp Custody Papers Of Her Son To Me, His Natural Grandmother. Cps Took My Grandson Cuz My Daughter's Newborn Died Due To Her Boyfriend Shaking Her. My Grandson Never Lived With His Mom Or Ever Spent The Night With Her. But Cps Came And Took Him Saying That Because We Never Filed The Temp Custody Papers With The Courts She Still Has Custody And Therefore He Also Could Have Been Abused. What Should I Do?


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I don't know what state you live in. Here in Kansas if your daughter and her boyfriend are not living with you you should be able to keep your grandson. Just tell them that as grandfather you want your grandson. You can get custody of him through them. You may have to have a background check or what not but if he is worth the fight for you then go for it. In Kansas they prefer to give kids to relatives unstead of putting them in a foster home. Talk with Cps and see what you have to do to get the boy. If you are open and honest with them then they will be more willing to work with you.
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Ok have went though this with my sister all you can do is go ahead and file the papers need for this child
you should be able to prove her a unfit mother if not please make peace with her so this little one knows he has you and you will always fight for him you are a good grandma just use your gut this is your daughter and you know her weakness good luck and I hope for you everthing works out
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We are grandparents(of WV)that accepted full custody (07/2008)of both grand babies (at the time 1 was 2 yrs & the other was 7 wk). The State (PA) placed them with us following an investigation. Both parents ended up in prison on unrelated charges & recently were paroled. They still have parental rights & now are asking us to let them visit the babies. Our 2 yr old has delayed speech (from prematurity or witnessing parents domestic violence & law breaking activities) so Grandpa is denying the parents to visit for fear it may cause a set back in the communication therapy progress our grand daughter is just now showing improvement. The parents tell us they will contact the State & request visitation & my husband says it will take a court order for him to agree to any visitation. These are my oldest daughter's (from prior marriage) & I feel so "in the middle". My husband & everyone else warns me it will further "damage" my 2 yr old grandchild but I am their mother's mother & very torn in half. My daughter abused barbiturates (grand) while pregnant & both babies were born positive. This initiated the States involvement. I miss MY child, she calls & cries to see HER children but I honestly believe the State did the very best for my grand babies as my daughter didn't turn out to be the person I tried to raise her to be therefore she lost custody, I stepped up & now she makes me feel sorry for her neglecting these babies enough to loose custody. Can anyone suggest what I might want to prepare for or learn to accept or may be punished in Heaven for? Thanks, Donna
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See if your state has Grandparents rights. Go through quickly for a permanent c.paper. It is easiest for the person who files first. She does have a right to change her mind being the she still w/ that boyfriend? You could enforce that paper for same reason it was ordered. If you are truly worried you should act on it! Try to be fair if worst come to worst maybe you can offer her a place so you can keep an eye on things and g.son.  Sometimes the law doesn't seem to be fair..Keep that in mind. I went through issues w/ my sons situation.  The judge gave my g.son mother and my son joint custody and she has permanent residency and she tested poss. For drugs and other neglect situations. Judge told her "just don't do drugs around the  children!" I couldn't  believe it! I try very hard to stay neutral for g.son sake. And I can go for G.R. If needed. Good Luck!

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