Do i have a lawsuit?My grandmother passed away in January. She had a life insurance policy on her loan thru first franklin. On her loan she used her truck title as collateral for the loan. On her policy I am the beneficiary. I was given 2 choices I could either receive a check for the amount of her insurance (2100) through first Franklin or I could pay off her loans so the truck wouldn't be taken and I would receive the remaining balance after the loan was paid with was around $500. I chose to pay the truck off. The branch manager Barbra at first Franklin mailed the title to my uncle because she knows his and she "knows" that my uncle and my grandmother were closely related. I then asked her for a copy of my contract she only hands me one paper with "my signature" on it that says I verify I received a check for the amount below which would be $2100 I never received a check for that amount nor do I recall signing a paper that said such. If I would have received that then the title wouldn't have been paid for and the lien wouldn't have been released. I decide to go to the tag office and they said my uncle had just came in the day before to switch the title to his name. What should I do?


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