How Can I Get Emancipated?


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Emancipation is a legal term that refers to the act that paves way to children becoming adults before they become 18. Once a child gets permission to become emancipated they cannot be controlled by their parents. They can make their own decisions. The parents also lose the custody of their children once they are emancipated. An emancipated person can get medical care, apply for work permits, sign up for a school or college of their choice and live independently in a place of their wish. But still that person has to attend school, cannot get married without the courts permission and would be tried in a juvenile court if case misdemeanour caused by the emancipated person before he turns eighteen.

There are three ways of getting emancipated. One of them is to get married with the permission the parents and court. The other method is to join the armed forces and the third is to apply to the court and get an emancipation letter from a legal authority like a judge or magistrate. Emancipation is for a lifetime but the court has the permission to cancel it if the person who gets emancipated lies before the court or in a case where that person is unable to look after himself/herself.
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I'm 22 and I would to get emancipated so can receive grants do I still have to attend court?

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