How Do I Become An Emancipated Minor In The State Of Texas?


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Texas does not have a minor emancipation law like most state's do however you can go through a similar court procedure called 'removal of disabilities of a minor'.  In Texas you must be at least 16 years old, living on your own, and self-supporting to qualify for this procedure.
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I came into contact with an attorney, so yes its possible, unfortunately, this was not this answer I was looking for. Thank you anyway.
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It's not called 'minor emancipation', in Texas the procedure is called 'removal of disabilities of a minor'.
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In the state of Texas you must be at least 16 before you are allowed to discuss 'Removal of Disabilities of A Minor'. You must be living seperate from a parent, if you are 16, if you are 17 that is not necessary. You must be self-supportive, i.e.-job. In order to file you must beable to show that you will have a place to live, a steady flow of income, and health care/insurance. You will need to be able to provide name and residences of both parents, reasons why you requested removal that are in your favor, and the overall purpose you would like to become a legal adult seperate from your parents.
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You would have to go before the judge , I think your parents have to approve it . You can call your local court house and ask them .

I hope this helps you Texaschick

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