How Do I Look Up An Inmate In Jackson State Prison Of Georgia?


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It is possible to look up an inmate via This provides search facilities for the vast majority of U.S correctional institutions including Jackson state Prison, Georgia. Alternatively it may be helpful to visit the Georgia Department of Corrections website directly.

  • What information is needed to look up an inmate?
If the Georgia Department of Corrections Identification (GDC ID) number or the inmate's case number is known then that should be all the information needed to look up an inmate. If this information is not known then it is still possible to locate a specific inmate simply by inputting as much information as is known about them. This may include first and last names, age, gender and race. This will all help to narrow down the search, and obviously the more accurate information that is known about the inmate the more successful the search will be.

  • What information is held, and made available to the general public?
Other than the normal search criterion like GDC ID, full name, year of birth, gender, height, weight etc, data is available revealing any current sentences the inmate may be serving. Any previous sentences and convictions, and the inmates full incarceration history are also shown. If the inmate is known under any aliases these are listed, as well as the maximum known release date.

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