Can A Person On Probation Visit Someone In State Prison?


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Arthur Craig answered
Yep!  As long as there are no warrants on the visitor or the Prison Officials do not protest...  Hope this answer helps....
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charles battis answered
The answer to this question is most likely no! you can check with your probation officer,but in most states ,if your not married to the person that you want to visit ,they just wont let you. most of the time they wont even let you write one another without being can also check with the state prison and see what the regs are for that prison..good luck on this one.
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I say most definitely, Yes! You may not be in the same cell, but maybe not even the in the same block because they still separate the boys & the girls, not coed yet. The advantage of these repeat "sleepover" at these types of facilities, is you never have to say, "Good Bye", well not for a some set number of days...
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nettie answered
The answer is no not even a traffic ticket allows you to visit inmates, the best to you
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It is usually at your probation officers discretion. Most generally, you need to be married in order to be permitted to visit any correctional facility. I went to high school with a girl who had to stop visiting her father because she had been placed on probation. But, Certain factors, such as children between the two of you, how long you have been together, whether or not you lived together, etc., can also help to influence their decisions. I wish you the best of luck, its a touchy situation, and the rules and regs are different from state to state and county to county.

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