Where Can I Look Up Ca State Prison Inmate Release Date?


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Not sure of the number but I know they have an Inmate locater. Try to call them to see if they will tell you who to call or try your local parole office. I do know she/he will parole to the county that the crime was committed in. If you know where they are at you should try to call the Correctional Counselor in that specific prison. They are the ones that prepare the inmates for their release to parole and get everything established for them prior to being released.
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You would need to contact the prison. If you are a victim, they give you even more information. At least in my state they do. Good luck.

Love & Light, Gina
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Go to Federal Bureau of Prisons, click on inmate locater, and the release date should be there, too.
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It will help is you have the INMATE number, that persons' SSN or DOB and full name. As much information as you have access.
Then go to "CASTATEdeptofcorrections.gov"
Review the menu's and each drop down list.
You probably will not get the actual release date due to so many variable's pertaining to an offenders release date. I dought you will be able to get this date.
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Go to LASD and search on their website 'inmate information center', that tells you mostly everything, and their release date. Good luck

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The easiest and fastest way to find the answer to you question is to call the prison directly. They are open 24/7.
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Here is a useful link from where you can find the DATASEARCH information which is recompiled weekly.  Unverified inmate information may be subject to a seven day delay prior to being incorporated into the DATASEARCH.
Click on the link below:

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