Where Can I Find A Va Inmate's Release Date? (An inmate of Virginia Department of Corrections.)


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To find an inmate's release date, you'll need pertinent information. Knowing where the inmate is incarcerated is a good place to start. The name of the prison or jail and whether it is a federal, state, county or other facility can form the basis of an Internet search. Basic facts about the inmate, such as their name and prisoner ID number are also useful. If the inmate's name is a common one, you may want to be prepared with other identifying information like their age, gender and race to help narrow down the search results. And than you have to visit the Department of Corrections Website, or this one IntelCheck

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If you want to find out a prisoner's release date in Virginia, you'll need to contact the Department of Corrections on (804) 887 8329.

Limited information is available to the public about offenders, such as the location or address of an inmate - so if you also want to find this out, the best thing to do is to call the Inmate Locator Desk on (804) 674 3131 - during business hours.

Members of the public may also be entitled to see certain other types of information about prisoners (as well as those who are on active parole), under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

However, release of this sort of information - relating to an inmate's criminal record - may only be released on payment of a nominal fee, and with the inmate's permission.

You have to request this type of additional information in writing. Emails are not accepted, though, so you must write a letter, which you should address to:

Central Criminal Records Manager

PO Box 26963

6900 Atmore Drive



23261 - 6369

To find the location of an inmate who is in jail (gaol) at the moment, you can use this link to the Incarcerated Offender Locator.

However, bear in mind that, to use this site, you'll need to have the following information to hand:

  • The inmate's Department of Corrections identification (ID) number - which will be six or seven digits, or
  • The inmate's exact first and last, and also their middle name if you know it (if the inmate has a middle name)

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You can't find it online like in some states, but here is the contact info for the inmate locating desk:

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