What Federal Prisons Allow Conjugal Visits?


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None, Although state prisons in six states allow conjugal visits; all federal prisons are governed by the same rules.

Rule: The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not permit conjugal visits.

Source:Federal Bureau of Prisons
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Although the federal prisons created the concept of the conjugal visit in the first place, they were also the first to axe the idea, too. In California, if you're already married when you go to a state prison, or if you and the inmate have a child with his last name, you can get on the list to wait for an available "family visit" with the inmate, you, and even children. The CDC usually puts a limit on such visits, with a maximum of 43 hours. If you are not already married, you may be wed at the facility, and then AFTER you wait the mandatory 6 mo waiting period, you can then wait for it to be your turn on the waiting list for an available visitation house.  
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so i can have a conjugal visit I just have to get on a waiting list first?
Danielle Bingham
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IF your boyfriend were in the (California) state prison system. Fedral no longer allows conjugal visits PERIOD. I'm sorry. Is he serving a long sentence?
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I am not aware of any federal prison, that has conjugal visits, my husband is in Texas and they are not allowed any kinda of conjugal visit or even a special visit. He is just granted regular visits. I have searched all over the net and through the web site of BOP and there is no such law grating us that our married to have alone time with out spouses.
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No federal prison allow "special visits" my bf has been there for a while and we tried and no luck
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Most all federal prisons allow a man and his wife to get it on. Depending on security status
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My boyfriend is going to the federal prison in oregon and just seeing if they allow special visits. We
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I'm just wondering why you're asking...Are you going to a federal prison?
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No my boyfriend is in a federal prison in cali and he wants to get married and I was seeing if we could have a "special" visit.
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