How Long Are Conjugal Visits?


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Conjugal visits in prisons are usually for 1 or 2 hours twice a month. Conjugal visits are offered to Inmates under the United States Penal system. These visits allow the Inmates to continue having sexual relationship with their spouse without being faced with the fear of divorce or adultery, even while in jail.

Conjugal visits are offered only to inmates that are eligible and there are strict guidelines and procedures regarding these visits. Inmates should be in minimum custody levels ("A" or "B"), inmate should be legally married and a proof of marriage should be provided, inmate should not have any rule violation report in the past 6 months and should be free of the risk of transmitting any sexual disease (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea etc.)

Conjugal visits usually take place in a special private location within the prison area and items like sheets, pillows, condoms and soap are provided to the prisoner and the visitor. The Federal Bureau of Prisoners does not allow Conjugal visits.

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