What Six States Allow Conjugal Visits?


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The six states that permit conjugal visits are New York, California, Washington, Mississippi, Connecticut and New Mexico. The inmates requesting this visit must meet certain requirements in order to obtain it, including being rid of any sexually transmitted diseases. The prisoner's other half may have to have a background check carried out on them and they will both be searched before the visit and afterwards to ensure nothing has been smuggled in or out.

A conjugal visit allows an inmate to spend an extended scheduled visit in private with their legal spouse. In some cases and in certain prisons they will allow a long-term partner to have a conjugal visit, however in most cases it will be permitted with married couples. The inmate and their other half will be able to partake in sexual activities, however the main reason behind these visits is to help encourage inmates to preserve their family bonds and keep their relationship on track. Moreover, it is said to help increase the inmate's chances of succeeding in their lives after they are released from prison. These visits usually take place in a trailer or a small cabin and the couple will generally be provided with condoms, sheets, pillows, soap, tissues and towels.

In addition, allowing conjugal visits may encourage good behaviour from the inmate because they know that they will be able to spend some time with their partner, and if they end up breaching any rules, they know that they will be refused an upcoming visit. Not allowing such visits could make the prisoner act up and refuse to comply with the rules and regulations of the prison. It is important to remember that conjugal visits are not permitted for inmates that are in a federal prison.
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Currently the only States that allow Conjugal visits are, Connecticut, Washington, New York, New Mexico, California, and Mississippi. 
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Does louisiana have conjugal visits

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