Should the death penalty be introduced for convicted Paedophilles?


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Let's put it like this. If you kill, you should be killed.

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It's quite ironic that when Paedophilles go to jail what they did to innocent children actually happens to them. In jail you can buy protection but nobody will protect a Paedophille. Even criminals have standards.
Zack -  Mr. GenXer
EXACTLY!!!It's too easy to "legally" kill a pedophile. Doom him to the same life he doomed for his victims.
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The salient argument against the death penalty (for any crime) comes from Gandalf Greyhame. He said, "Many live who should have died; some died who should have lived. Are you wise enough to know the difference?"

Juries make mistakes and a person's life should not depend on the skill of lawyers to manipulate inexperienced, unqualified jurors.

Then of course, there are those times when law enforcement deliberately frames the people they want convicted. In 1965 the FBI framed four men for murder in order to protect an informant. They spent decades in prison and the survivors were awarded $101 million compensation.

Sorry, Stuart. Let's can the death penalty altogether.

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It's OK, Tom. He's upset because I caught him out a few days ago and he's embarrassed. Not something to go into on a public forum.
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@Didge..Yes,your comment was "Inappropriate". Your words not mine.
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@Tom...I only ever speak for myself, it's called freedom of speech. I think loyalty is important & if people are bagging this site then what the hell are they doing on here.
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Nah, do this instead. Force feed them 6 cans of pork and beans, then sew their butt and mouth closed. Puke, swallow and repeat, again and again.

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I think once all their options for "appeal" has happened and they are still convicted as a pedophile then let the parents of the child have an hour alone with the pervert. If he/she violated more then one child then each parent gets an hour alone. Then IF they survive the hour with the parent I think the pervert should be thrown into general population and let the fellow inmates take out the trash.

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