Do You Agree With The Death Penalty?


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The death penalty is one of those topics that is always going to divide people.

Personally, I can see its benefits- although I would have to admit that there are also negatives.

I agree with the death penalty because...

In my home state of Louisiana, people can be executed for committing very serious crimes like murder.

If someone was to take away the life of someone you loved, how would you feel about it? Wouldn't you want them dead? Doesn't that seem like fair retribution?

Also think about all those rapists and murderers who end up serving relatively low sentences. They are usually eligible for parole after 10-15 years. Their victim doesn't have that option - how is that fair and just?

One final point is that these criminals that we keep in prison can cost the state a lot of money. That's money that could be helping people who really need it. 

I disagree with the death penalty because...

Well, the first reason the death penalty makes me uneasy is the fact that the judicial system has been known to make mistakes from time to time.

Whilst I'm sure most people on death row are probably guilty, there will always be an unlucky minority that gets wrongfully prosecuted.

The other issue is one of morality. The Bible teaches us about forgiveness and redemption. Jesus even forgave Judas. How can we then turn against our fellow man?

People use that 'eye for an eye' quote a lot- but the New Testament actually has a line that says:

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." (Matthew 5:38–39) Based on this last point, I feel the most Christian thing to do would be to forgive rather than to seek vengeance. People can be reformed in prison, killing them will just spread the seeds of hate.
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My opinion is that for certain, extremely evil things (such as murdering someone themselves) people definitely deserve to be murdered.

But we as human beings do not have the right to do that!

We don't have the right to take away the life of another person, because all life is precious no matter who it belongs to.

So I disagree with the death penalty, but I think that people who deserve it should be locked in jail until they die.
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Luis Mier
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Yes, I totally agree with your answer. Cases like murders, rape death penalty should be given.
Yo Kass
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But what if the wrong person is convicted and then executed? You can't acquit a dead man..
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It's hard to say if I do or don't. From one point of view, a person has caused great harm to a family and to the person he has killed, and to some people, the person is unforgivable.

However, the Bible tells us to forgive people who have done wrong. I would find it hard to do that.
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I don't agree with it. I don't believe that they should decide who will live and who will die. And what if they are innocent?

It's too late. It doesn't fix anything. It just makes another crime. They deserve to be in jail than to be dead. They could also change their life.
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For me, I agree with the death penalty. I can't say that jails are suitable for those who do crimes. I ask myself if forgiving will be worth it. But there's the tendency that he/she will do the crime again. How about for those people who are killed brutally? They need justice. 

Think of it that - they are in jail but, they can do whatever they want there because they are alive they can write their last will or last testaments to their fellow love ones. But how about for those who killed brutally they can't write their last will and last testaments. I know that it is against God, but why are the people brutally killed? For me, sorry is not enough, because he/she can't get back the life of the people whom he/she did the crime against.

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Did a Jeffrey Dahmer warrant an execution? Yes! Did a John Wayne Gacy warrant an execution? Yes! Did a Ted Bundy warrant and execution? Yes! I could go on and on and on...

While this issue may be divided, we can not and must not forget the victims in all of these horrors and what they must have gone through and the families left behind to relive it over and over...It's not as simple as "do you believe in the death penalty" or not, it's much more complicated.

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I'm not sure about this question because although I have always said that they should bring back hanging for child killers, they are not rotting in a prison cell and suffering the loss of freedom (which I must say nowadays) doesn't last long probably ten years or so at tax-payers' expense.

But let's not forget the other end of the scale - people who have been executed for crimes they didn't commit.

It is too late to bring them back when it is found out that they are innocent.
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The amount of forensic evidence today is sufficient to convict. If a person has killed or maimed then yes: An eye for an eye. This would solve the problem of overcrowded prisons.

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