Should The People That Trampled To Death The Store Clerk On Black Friday Be Given The Death Penalty Or Life In Prison?


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What a terrible thing to happen!!!! They should all be sentenced to something, as a group, not just a slap on the hands and community service, that's for damned sure!
I can't believe that people are so hard up for a few dollars off that they could do something like this to another human being! I am truly sickened by this. They need to do time, all of them that trampled this person, and I think that there should also be some financial compensation for the family as well. Sickening!!!
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It is not our decision whether someone lives or dies. That is Gods. He will punish them. The punishment in my own opinion is Life sentence.
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But didn't God also say to follow the laws of the land,in other words set forth by your government.
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Yes. So therefore, the govt. Should give the Life sentence. Not death. God will determine when the person dies.
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I think that that is a little harsh to try to put them all to death. I have been caught up in a mob and its like you are caught in a rapids, you get carried along. I think that Walmart should be hung, instead. I worked for wally world, and lemmie tell ya, they don't give a crap about the employees- only quotas. Let them give up one of the billion that they pocket annually, maybe they'd think about restoring order. It was their responsibility to see that things were in an orderly fashion. Instead, they worked the isles,instead of the crowd.
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So the people that physically trampled the man are not responsible for any of their own actions?
michelle cherry
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I think the front few are, but its hard to say... You have a surge behind you- pushing- there is no stopping the incredible weight of the crowd that is pushing you. You are part of a wave- that is incredible power
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Definitely think Walmart should be accountable for what transpired.  As far as the mob goes; it you are at the end of the mob that has already trampled the person, you probably don't know what even happened until it is too late.  I think these people should play a vital role in paying for this person's funeral expenses, explain what happened to the family of the person, IN PERSON, and be required to speak at the funeral of the fallen victim.
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It was a accident they did not intentuly kill this person,, it is the stores fault for advertiseing they way they did to attract desperate people to there store in desperate times to save a buck, what kiled that man, is the store,and there is liable for the damages, and should take responsiblity for there actions,,,

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