Should you be in jail? Or prison?


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This is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

On another topic, here's the tiny newborn kittens.  Feral mommy is going in and out of the house.  She's worried about indoor living.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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Yep! She's doing really well. The refrigerator kicking on and off doesn't phase her anymore. She keeps and eye on that unpredictable microwave. "Grrrrr..." I have to mute the TV and use closed captioning.
I think what made her decide to stay was seeing that the raccoons can't get near the babies.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented touching...she endures the difficult stuff for the sake of the babies...
HappyTo BeHereTo
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True courage. :)
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"The box of condoms and Zima in the backseat?  I swear Chris Hansen....she and I were just going to talk!"

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Naw ! Ain't done nothing wrong.

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I'm innocent!  I wasn't there at that time.  It was the other guy.  The butler did it! 

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Dear Jan,

No I should not, and I think prisons are one of our great concerns...

"More than 1.5 million people are now in U.S. State and federal prisons, up from 196,429 in 1970, the report said."

Especially targeted are minorities and the poor, and "Women represent the fastest-growing segment of the prison population, the report said."

"At current rates, 1/3 of all black males will go to prison sometime in their life."

In Iowa I helped form a non-profit org for women coming out of prison after drug crimes, and attended the Friends of Iowa Women have some personal experience here.

This article quoted is from 2007, and it does present both sides:

In Iowa the Quakers are working a lot in this area, and this is one book they recommended:

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otis campbell
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Our society is backwards
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Otis, I did not even have room to mention that...absolutely correct you are.
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Otis something happened to your MH comment...but I just want to mention, at the Iowa women's prison in Mitchellville, there was (at least) one woman they were almost keeping there out of compassion... mental health issues so severe there was no other place for her to get care.
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Technically yes, but all the officers were relatives of friends so I got off scotch free. None of the "illegal" things I've done have ever put another person in harms way, if it did I'd probably turn myself in for doing something so terrible.

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There's a difference?

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I think the terms are used in the US to distinguish between high and low security prisons. The county jail (American spelling) ain't so bad but prison is for the bad boys.
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Maybe if my oven was alive to press charges on me! I have been described as Mary Poppins! You tell me.... LOL! Not to be confused with Betty Crocker! I have never been called her before! 

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