What do you think about people being jailed for pirating music and movies? Does the punishment fit the crime? Or are they just being made an example of with unfairly harsh sentences? Should it even be considered illegal?


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"Back in the day", we could record songs off the radio with our jam box.  No one had issues with that.  Isn't that the same thing? 

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Charles Davis
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Yes Gator, copying your own music and using it for personal use is not illegal, such as you bought an album and want to preserve it from any damage, you can copy it, put the original in a safe storage, and use the copied disk until it's damaged, and go copy another from the original, so you always have a good copy. But if you copy it and give or sell it, that's where the crime comes in.
Walt O'Reagun
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Actually ... it IS the same thing, Four Palmz ... Theft.

It doesn't matter if you keep it for yourself, or give/sell it. If you record/download music without paying for it - unless the owner has released it as "public domain" - it is theft.
PJ Stein
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While I agree that there are a bunch of overpaid singers (I use the term loosely) out there, they aren't the only ones losing money. The somg writers lose money too. Some of the other artist such as backup singers and musicians are effected as well.
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If someone stole all your work and then sold it, cuting out your income, wouldn't you want that person to go to jail?

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It is ... And should be ... A crime.

Going to jail, though?  A bit overboard, IMO.

Instead, the criminals should not only pay for the music ... They should have to pay the cost of the investigation and prosecution.  Hit 'em with a garnishment, if necessary, that would last until the debt was paid.

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Not really, heck I'd love it if people pirated my stuff. In fact I would encourage it. More people get to enjoy my work. More exposure equals more sales, larger fan base, and builds a bigger brand out of my work. Consumers rule the world.

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Charles Davis
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LOL, my wife has a cousin that I'm sure feels the same way. He has a couple of songs posted on ITunes, but he's only had about 10 purchases on it.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
Your reasoning is flawed.
So what if more people enjoy your work … you still won't make any money on it.

If you are doing it JUST so people can enjoy it, and aren't wanting to sell it … you make it "public domain". Then it's not pirating for someone to download and use it without paying you.
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It is theft, even though those recording them often make more money than they should, but that is the system we have created as consumers. But there are also those that barely make it on the small revenues from their art.

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Digital piracy is not a thing anymore. I bet you heard of Apple Music, Spotify and other great music platforms, but I recently discovered the emanate streaming platform, which has a huge catalogue of music and an endless number of artists, many of which are new. I think the musicians who work on the DistroKid label are my favourite. In general, this platform seems to be more modern and convenient, so for the moment, I want to use it and there's totally no need for piracy.

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