What do you believe to be an example of a genuinely victimless crime?


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The closest thing that I could think of is public vandalism. No victim in the sense that it is usually buildings that are damaged. In the end, there are victims because everyone's taxes go up and insurance rates increase to cover the repair expenses.

( great question )

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Yo Kass
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How about the people that own/live in those buildings though? Especially if they are the ones who have to cover the cost of removing it...
Yo Kass
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Oh or I guess you meant "public" as in on "publicly owned buildings"? :)
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Vandalism is absolutely not a victimless crime .. Whether it be public or private property .. the owner of the property is stuck with costs of repair .. If there is an insurance claim, premiums go up at the cost of the tax payers .. How is that victimless?
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Drug use
Traffic citations
Public drunkenness

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All of the above are harmless, by themselves. EVERY single one of those mentioned lead to other illegal activities which leads to victims. Prostitution leads to the deadly spread of disease, drug use leads to addiction, which leads to crime victims, etc, etc.
Yes Cookie, I was being very sarcastic. I don't believe that there is a victimless crime.
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Yep, there's always "collateral damage".
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Agree 😔
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Drinking shine  suicide prostitution  some drug use

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When you drink your shine, Otis, it is not victimless. The demand for your shine far exceeds the supply available, causing much suffering for those of us who are unable to get it.
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I think there are victim-less crimes.

Prostitution when not forced and if properly regulated by the state to ensure the health of the prostitute.  Yes, it can potentially spread STDs but so can casual sex or serial monogamy.  Yes, there is potential for disrupting families but there is equal disruption from adultery, financial problems, workaholics, working 2 or more jobs, ...

Public drunkeness, yes it can cause death or brain damage but that is extreme situations.

Illegal drug use, more a social problem than "criminal act" within the traditional definition of a crime, which is why it was criminalized.  Most illegal drugs were used for mystical/spiritual reasons or as old time medications.  While not personally someone who chooses to take recreational drugs, when used as intended, under proper supervision, I do not consider their use criminal.

Suicide, depends on the reason.  I can very easily justify suicide under a number of conditions.  It is others with no concept of dignity, only a religious concept of suicide being murder, that would bemoan a departed that committed suicide.  Most families are going to bemoan a death even if from pneumonia.  Life is pain and suffering, some people for various reasons opt to end such pain and suffering.  I do think suicide should be looked on in a favorable light but require counseling to ensure not just a phase of depression.  If not a letter should be issued stating this person is sane and should be allowed materials desired to for chosen method of death.  If we had this view, family members could try and change the person's mind, failing that accept the decision, and the everyone could say good-bye and express love.

Parking meter expired.

If one worries too much about collateral damage from a crime, then one must worry about collateral damage from such things as the truth especially blunt honestly ("You are fat.", "You are ugly", "You are not worth choosing for our team.", "You smell and are making people retch. (Yes, I heard it and Putzfrau it was said to, was being sprayed with air freshener by the speaker, one of my co-workers.  He was verbally reprimanded.)", ...).  Blunt honestly leaves victims and worse our society no longer feels the victims need to learn to deal with such rejection and hurt feelings.

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