Do You Think Police Officers And Judges Accused Of A Crime Should Be Treated As Joe Public?


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    I'm always hearing how cops, judges, lawmakers and all these other elitists about how they live up to a higher standard than John Q Public. Let's hold them twice as accountable for their crimes. They tell John Q that ignorance of the law is no excuse so in my mind that says that they knew for a fact that they were committing a crime as they were doing it. They break laws while being investigated for other crimes and still nothing is even said much less done. I have had many discussions with an assistant da in Illinois and he tells me that these young da's consider this a class war. Justice is blind my eye that B^&*h is ignorant!
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I believe they should be treated as the same but at the same time they should be treated fairly according to the system. If he was arrested and made bail then that is he and all of our right to be innocent until proven guilty.
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What I'm trying to say is if his fourth wife had not gone missing his third wife would have never been exhumed and been found out that she was murdered instead of being ruled as accidental drowning in her bathtub. It seems since he was a Police Officer he got away with a lot of stuff that in normal Joe Public wouldn't and couldn't be able to. There was Domestic Violence accusations he should have immediately been suspended. Society doesn't need a PSYCHO COP running around with a gun when he can't even control his own family affairs. More public scrutiny needs to be implemented into police complaints and police families being abused need a place they can report this abuse that's above and out of their abusers current chain if command. It needs to be brought out to the public forum and not in the police forum where the BROTHERHOOD seem to protect it. Same with Judges. They protect their own so it's like they have one set of rules and the rest of society has our own.
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i completely understand what you are saying and agree. unfortunately depending on where you live will dictate the good ol boy syndrome of cops do no wrong. unfortunately the bad ones give the rest of us a bad name and a bad taste left in the mouth with joe public. especially the more corrupt a department is or members it has.
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Look if a police officer committed a crime or were a high suspect of a crime or murder investigation they would be suspended and not aloud to investigate in that crime and not attend work until they have solved the problem

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