Do you think kids who commit crimes should be charged as adults?


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taylor bush Profile
taylor bush answered
It depend on the crime but kids shouldnt even be thinkin bout crimes the should be thinkin bout school and gettin a job
Webnjoh emile Profile
Webnjoh emile answered
Man. Kids are kids. They are stupid at times. It is not fair to charge a kid same as an adult. Adults resist situations more than kids. It should also depend on the age of the kid and nature of crime,. But how ever, it should not be the same. There is a different way of handling a kid in crime considering their childishness.
rosa baez Profile
rosa baez answered
No but if a child commits a crime their parent or parents need to be closely investigated
  Was there abuse or something. Amiss that could have lead to problems in the. Childs brain work.  Secondly the child needs to be punished fp actions bit with some kind of help with possibility of rehabilitation.
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mia mckennon Profile
mia mckennon answered
If its murder yea but petty things no
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Extreme violent or gang related crimes, then yes but so should the leaders of these gangs for enticing these kids to commit these horrendous crimes

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