Do You Think Corporal Punishment Of Adults Should Be More Expected As An Alternative In The Country?


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mike carlsen Profile
mike carlsen answered
After about ten or 15 years old corporal punishment does little to deter any one from doing any thing. I remember in junior high when I lived on the gulf coast we had the choice of getting paddled or getting detention. I always chose the paddle, detention was a far worse punishment in my opinion. The pain of a paddle only lasts a few minutes but detention was an hour and then I was late getting home and my folks would know I did something wrong so that meant restriction. They knew a whipping wouldn't work on me either ;) lol!
Strict Gram Profile
Strict Gram answered
Works well in Singapore and costs little compared to incarceration.
If a student prefers paddling to detention it means the paddling is restricted from being a deterrent. You wouldn't choose a paddling from me in place of a detention!
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Steven Vakula answered
Who are you going to get to spank them? There are those that like to be spanked so they may do things just for the whipping!

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