Do you think photos of Justin Bieber in jail should have been released to the public? Or is that an invasion of his privacy and too much?


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I think pictures of him in jail, bent over, in cuffs, with real hard asses would be nothing less than entertainment and what he truly deserves. He's a disgrace to society and makes the United States look like a joke, even though he's from Canada. Send him back where he belongs. He needs to stop representing and disrespecting this country

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Holly D'Anna
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oh yeah forgot he was a Canadian... still thats kinda cruel he is still young, give him a break!
Natalie Jo Price
Yea, I know it's harsh, but anyone who's disrespectful enough to write in Ann Franks diary should be taught a lesson, regardless of age. He's old enough to know right from wrong...he just doesn't care because he gets away with everything
Kara Marie
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He wrote in the guest book.

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