Why do we all have to have birth certificates? We know we're born.


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It has nothing whatsoever to do with us knowing we're here, but with other people knowing we are who we say we are. It's a record of when and where we were born. Besides, a few generations down the road the only way they'll know where my family came from is going to be by looking at birth and death certificates.
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wise not blind
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Well you got that bit right !!! Bet you did not know that you are a debt slave for your goverment - the bank owns you !!!! - ever wondered how your goverment pays its way ?? - and ask your self who runs the banks ??? - go look it up on you tube - slavery by consent - know the truth not the lies you were born into !!! - slavery - your goverment sold you to the banks took loans on you - to pay a debt that never can be payed now tell me your free - !!! -
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Buddy, you need to take your meds.
roaming insomniac
I agree with Sarah!!
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The birth certificate is fairly new, really. We have it as "proof" of where we were born, and to whom. Some people have their birth certificates altered later in life. Another person might be added, or another name. First and foremost, NONE of us asked to have a birth certificate. You can't refuse them when you are born, as you can't even talk. And, your parents are told that you NEED one. If you do not want yours, take it to the local social security adminy, and give it to them. Don't be brainwashed by what you read on the internet. Next thing you know, you will be sending some scam artists $2000 for your "inheritance" of $2 million bucks, from someone you don't know. Nobody has "done" anything to me because I have a birth certificate or social security number. You sound brain washed by internet propaganda. Cut it out. Get OFF the internet and find out what REAL life is.
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True but no one does and when as to legally record birth place and for age statistics
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wise not blind
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Do you want to know the real truth ??? - go to you tube and look -up slavery by consent parts 1-3 - it will blow yr mind when you find out what they have done to you !!!!
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Will check later
wise not blind
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Did you know yr birth cert is yr govenments marker for all the intrest they owe to the banks - and who owns the banks ????

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