How Do I Go About Applying For Full Custody Of My Child?


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Unfortunately you are unlikely to get custody of your child unless the mother is assessed as completely unfit to care for it. Probably you consider she is unfit, but your opinion is not the same as a board of social workers/doctors or whatever. Just because she trashed your house doesn't mean she will be an unfit mother. If she doesn't want you to have anything to with the baby, she presumably wants nothing to do with you herself, or is she expecting you to support her financially? You should get some proper advice from Citizens Advice Bureau (if you are in the UK). There may be similar organisations in other countries.
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Thank you for your answer, In regards to the financial side of things, Her sons biological father was sent to prison for supposedly beating the child and she tried to accuse me of the same thing which is quite a coincidence I would say, on the grounds that I have received word that she supposedly was hitting the child whilst I was at work during the day and the fact that she would never get out of bed to look after the child even though I had important meetings to attend for work and business. What would you say in this case?
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Oh dear, it sounds like a nasty situation. If the bio.father was convicted of hitting the child, there must have been a social worker involved in that case, so if I were you I would contact your social services and explain what has happened. It does sound as if the child(ren) need protection, but it takes a lot of proven mistreatment before they grant custody to another person.

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