What Exactly Does My Child Support Payments Go Toward In NYS? Does My Ex-husband Have The Legal Right To Ask Me To Also Contribute Money Toward My Kids' School Supplies TOO?


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A simple answer for a simple question my dear:  Your child support should suffice so no he cannot legally ask to be reimbursed for school supplies for a 3rd & 7th grader.  Good luck!  ♥Nassy
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I do not think you are obligated to give him anything more. That why you pay him the child support. Your money that you send to him should go right your child and he has to contribute to I don't know how much but he  also has to help out.
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Only if it is stated in your divorce papers. If not then you can if you can. Mine is stated in my papers for the father to pay extra's according to our income. My ex won't and I am sick of taking him to court. When he violates I ask that he pay my atty fee's and have been granted it. I am in NY State.

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