Why Mercy Killing Should Not Be Legal?


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In the long history of human civilization, the human death concept development and evolution of the constant. Blind fear death from the initial development of the passive serenity to accept the death, and eventually developed into the active regulation of the death, the death of this man's psychological trajectory of natural law, reflecting the value of human life, understanding of sublimation and efforts to strengthen the protection of life. In real life, we do not whether to accept death, but how to accept. "Euthanasia" this social problem is the development of the times and emerge. However, after all, is a matter of euthanasia to medical, ethical, moral, law, sociology, philosophy, and many other areas, the complexity of a comprehensive social problems. From its appearance, inevitably giving rise to a protracted controversy. This controversy has been abroad for decades, and has entered our country and growing impact on social concerns. The issue of euthanasia in our country as an emerging social problem, there are still many problems of its own must be properly addressed in order to promote its legalization.

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