How Do I Find Jail Inmate Photos For Volusia County,FL.?


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Volusia county jail has inmate brief public information online.  You must subscribe to the jail service to get more detailed information.  The records department of any county or the clerk of courts for that county will have information regarding any case.  It is public record, but may not be online.  Many counties have inmate information and pictures.  It varies county by county and most jail info is removed once an inmate is released from custody.  Warrants can be checked in the DOC database for felony charges statewide.  Misdemeanor charges are not in this system.  There are not any uniform statewide inmate data searches for currently incustody jail inmates, you must go to the particular county websites.  Hope this helps :)
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The quickest way to find the database would be to call the Dept Of Corrections and ask them for the website address. My ex-wife used to be a correction officer in Monticello FL, and I remember her looking at that database. All I can remember is that it was a  .gov web address. No .com or anything like that will be free, but the .gov is free.

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