Should prostitution be legalized?


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Of course. It provides an essential service and, in legalising it and housing it in safe surrounds, much of the danger to sex workers would be removed, and a medical check could help to minimise the spread of STDs.

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I think it should be as it can be controlled and medically safe. The state of Nevada has had it legalized for many years. Safe, clean, and well taken care of. None of the bad side that you normally think of. No diseases, no one around the corner ready to knock you out and steal your money or life. I'm surprised that it already isn't.

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A little known fact, is that it is legal in Arizona also, except every community/county in AZ has it outlawed.
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Almost the same in Nevada. The brothels are out in the country far away from the towns and Casinos.
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Yeah I mean you can smoke, how many people does that kill?
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It's legalized already in a professional way. It's called pornography. It's an industry. A pro prostitution with a thousand of sections in it. It owns a thousand of companies that provide video shooting and produce films. Directors and highlighters and pro has doctors providing healthcare and give medical check on a weekly basis and sometimes before/after each scene. And stars and actor/actresses get paid and get rated by it's industry and the payment can get lower or higher according their rate and fame among the judges and watchers/viewers. And this industry also have so many events with thousand of different awards that provide it's directory team, and players according their shots and skills.

This industry is legalized and known  in United States and several European countries. However, by U.S constitution and freedom. This industry having more open hands and stronger layers. Due this power and fame, so many people from Europe,middle east and Asia, generally all around the world travel through U.S for joining this industry and making a name for themselves.

People can do contract or none contract films. Kansans City and California state and Arizona state are among highest producers. Estimated every 40 min one movie get produced by this industry. And earns basically more than NBA industry.

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No it's not good to legalize it. A woman should not be used for someone's pleasure.There are very serious issues before this world that needs to be discussed like the terrorism,G20 summit and lots more and other many things needed for the goodwill of a citizen.sorry but I don't think that it should be legalized thank you. 

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By legalizing it, there can be controls and regular testing. Requiring licenses means you can require health testing. Also by legalizing it, it brings it out of the back alleys where things often are sketchy. It also takes the power away from people who use the fact it isn't legal to hide it and control people.

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