Who Thinks Murijuana Should Be Legalized?


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We could end up with a loaded population, but just think of the tax revenues. It never did much for me.

I wonder how the anti-smokers woild react. I have to question your 0% figure regarding deaths from marijuana. Prolonged useage affects the brain, so we may not know how many deaths are a result of marijuana useage. DUI includes drugs, so how do we know that fatal auto accidents weren't due to being high on weed? I'm not saying it's worse than alcohol, but it does affect us.

Medical marijuana is another topic. It's supposed to useful for treating glaucoma and for pain management in some cancer patients. Considering what doctors can legally prescribe, and some do without a second thought, by all means medical marijuana should be legal.
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Sure it doesn't cause cancer.
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I do, then we could benefit from the taxes, like all the other vice taxes we pay, and it would separate marijuana from other hard drugs, it would save millions in court costs, and it is being used almost publicly, it is a stupid law.
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That's right, the only reason it's illegal is because our government doesn't profit from the sale. Cigarettes are addicting, alcohol is addicting, but it's ok to cause cancer in our bodies from smoking and ruin our livers with alcohol. Because the government gets a cut of the sales.

If alcohol were illegal, how many people would be in jail right now? I would venture to say more than marijuana users. There is no difference in smoking a joint after work verses drinking a beer!

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I agree 100% although it is not for me... Just like everything else already legalized.. It should be choice.
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If it was legalized there would be so much more drug problems than there is now. It would be stupid because then young kids could start, and so many people would die! Only drug addicts would benefit!

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