How do you think about the statement "Prostitution should be legalized?"


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There can only be benefits from decriminalising it. Better protection for the working girls, better protection for the clients, better health control.

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Prostitution is the oldest occupation in the world & wether it is legalised  or not won't change anything really, it will stIll thrive. If it was legalised due to the more legal competition the prices would drop which would please the "Customers" no doubt.

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Dear Anonymous,

Not only would I be glad for prostitution to be legalized, I would like to see it as a sacred trust, every young man to be initiated lovingly and tenderly, all the secret delights of a woman's body...

* * *

Seven thousand years ago, prostitution was the cherished duty and responsibility of priestesses. The exquisite wonder of physical love should be no less honored and respected and cherished now.

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Tom  Jackson
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Most men realize that those diamonds are at the center of the known universe.
Didge Doo
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She probably pinched the idea from the Song of Solomon.
Walt O'Reagun
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I keep trying to sell the idea of opening a Temple of Aphrodite ... maybe I should try crowd-funding.
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I am agree with it and it should be.

Prostitution must be legalized. Because it's part of humans desires and needs. It's one of the oldest professions. And people will do it whatsoever. This desire doesn't know location, it related to human nature, therefore, every country who go with legalization while providing the best for it. It's a winner. Legalizing prostitution and educating the society about the perspectives and outlooks can bring governments better control of their society. Less embarrassment, less HIV. Less STD. Less hide and seek. Less damage. Less bad reputations. More hygiene, more health, more organized and in control.

However, in U.S Nevada has many licensed brothels such as Sheri's Ranch. It's clean, it's healthy, understandable, reasonable and protective.

Although, in United States, street prostitution is illegal, but there's another fully legal style which can be considered prostitution which called "Porn Industry" many people across the world travel to U.S to join U.S industry due it's professionalism & wide mainstream productions. It's clean, legal and known as a business-profession.

In scale of 100 countries. 49 % of the world is legalized.39 % illegal and 12 % limited legality.

Also this community - "International Union Of Sex Workers" is working for the rights of sex workers.

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How someone chooses to use their bodies should be part of their liberty, as long as it does not infringe upon another individual's liberty.

If one can make a living providing the comfort, companionship and intimacy to another, then I say have at it and regulate for health reasons. Like anything else, the "Health code" should be upheld . . . You might have a long line of people whom want to be "Health Code Inspectors" though . . .

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