What do you think about the 9th circuit court judges allowing illegal citizens/immigrants to vote without any proof of being a legal voter?


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Well, assuming the every-man even has much of a say in the first place anymore, what with all the buying and selling of favors and elections, is too much a dream from far beyond the stars... But yea, I think it's a bit ludicrous. As if any citizen of the U.S. Can go to another country and vote, despite their not being a citizen there. It flatly doesn't happen anywhere else, nor I think, should it here. Why is this even an issue...? You live here, as a citizen of the United States, and you get to vote - that's it, done. If you're not a citizen, you don't. This seems like an extremely easy thing to understand.

For those who aren't citizens but have been and are living here, sure - making that citizenship a little easier to attain wouldn't be apocalyptic necessarily - but to break the foundation of a pretty common sense law just to landslide votes in one direction is beyond psychotic me-thinks.
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Democracy is broken and vast conspiracies are being employed in these endeavors. It starts with the news which is now being controlled by mammoth corporations. If you cannot watch the news and know it is a lie then you need to start doing your on research and start thinking things out for yourself. There is a motive behind this and a Central plan and it isn't to help down trodden neighbors to the south. It all goes along the divide and conquer stratgey. It is nothing knew.
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Actually this was a case about a illegal citizen that has lived here for 13 years (after his visa ran out)and now wants the same rights as a legal citizen.the illegal citizen is from nigeria.although he may be from south africa. : ) he is still illegal.
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Oh okay.....I thought they were tighter on people who were non latinos. I knew a friend of mine whose mother told a slight mistruth on his citizenship appalication. It wasn't anything big she just want to increase his chances of getting citizenship granted. But what she tried to hide would not have hurt his chances but she did not know. So they told him he would have to weight five more years before he could apply agian.
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I Think its wrong but anymore if you are a AMERICAN CITIZEN you do not count unless your rich
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How come they don't have to show their voter registration card? I do! If I try to vote out of my area, I'm sent away. They know my area, by looking at my card. Drivers license has my address, which denotes my area also. I just don't get it.
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I guess they were allowing them to use fake social security cards or govenment I.D.'s. Which only have a legal picture as proof of who they are and then they sign a form stating they are legal. Basically they are who the government id says they are as long as they have a fake ss card to get the government I.D. In the first place . In other words they would have had to do a background check on each voter at the time they registered.but as long as they are okay with lying they are legal on paper
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For good measure on this. It is a fact, that over 250,000 illegals live in central Fl. Alone. That's just central, not the whole state, which of course is over-run with illegal immigrants. If they had all voted, they could have swung the Scott/Kosmas election. Kosmas who would not back up Fl fair labor practice for workers in Central Fl. Scary thought.

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