Would You Legalise And Agree With Mercy Killing To Take Place In The UK?


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No- God will decide when He wants the person to die.Mercy killing is wrong because it is taking away someones life. If a person is on a life support machine and has no possible chance of recovery, it is true there is very little point in procrastinating their death, but they have the right to leave the world at their own pace, so I think it should never be legalized.
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There are two forms of mercy killing. Active, like injecting someone. And passive, like switching off live supporting machines. In some cases it is the will of the person to die, in other cases the person cannot express whether they want to die or not. In some instances the person has physical pain, and sometimes it is emotional pain. When deciding if mercy killing should be legalised, all of the above should be considered, and there should consideration of which cases the killing would be legal in. I personally would legalise mercy killing if it's passive.
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Hi both of you!
I see disabled people everyday and I really feel sorry for them. As they cant seem to join in with the others, who are healthy. I think that death would be a lot easier for some of them. Disabeled people with servre mental and physical disabilties
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Mercy Killing is such a sad thinking - think to choose your going to die or not by under your family's decision.
It is almost like a suicide to decide to whether die or not.
I think Mercy killing is a wrong decision, even though the case is worst.

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