How Do I Find If I Have A Warrant In Pa?


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If you have been avoiding going to your court hearing and purposely not turned up, you will be charged with a Failure to Appear (FTA) meaning that a bench warrant will be issued to ensure that you get arrested. Even if your reasons for not turning up to your court hearing are relatively innocent (perhaps if you got scared or nervous about turning up) you may still end up in great trouble for avoiding this. You can search online for people that can get you in touch with the people who will know if you have a warrant withstanding for your arrest. To do this, you must:

• Go on to a trusted search engine such as Google and enter information about warrants in Pennsylvania. This will bring you back information about how you can discover whether or not you have a warrant against you, to bring you into court.
• You can find contact numbers for people that can get you in touch with this information, some even offer free consultations. The only problem is that you might not be safe from people getting in touch with the police about your location, if you are really sought after in regards to getting you into the court.

You are better off just facing up to your court hearing, to avoid getting yourself into even more trouble that it seems you are already in. You may end up getting more years put on a sentence if you happen to attempt to dodge your court hearing. You need to try and stay on the best side of the law that you can at this time, to make sure that you make your sentence as easy as possible. You can't avoid it forever, you will end up getting caught and then end up in even more trouble than beforehand.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

Just show up at a local Police Station and have them run your name, and you'll know real soon here.

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