Does Anyone Know What Happens If You DO NOT Show Up For A Child Support Hearing?


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That is NOT good. You better show up. They will "eat your sack lunch" if you choose not to attend. Trust me it will make a bad situation worse if you do not take the high road and do the right thing and show up. Remember it is not the innocent child's fault this happened but the child will be effected directly by the outcome.
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Child support is determined by a formula that varies from State to State. If you are making more money now than you were when you were ordered to pay, there is a specific amount you will need to pay according to that formula, but you need to show up at the hearing or your ex (or whomever) will get anything she asks for. You can look online for the child support guidelines for you State to determine what your support payment should be and go from there.
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They will make you pay the court order, unless you show up and show them your income. They will base how much you pay off your income.
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My son's dad didnt show up for court so they granted me what was suppose to be owed and he was trying to fight the amount!
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The mother can b granted an amount for you to pay and also b charged the court charges or you can have a warrant out for your arrest

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