How Can I Get Rid Of Tenants That Don't Pay Rent?


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The laws of eviction are different in different states. However, there are four basic steps in eviction.
1. The notice to vacate
2. Filing the Suit
3. Going to Court
4. Writ of Possession
You should first give notice of eviction according to the law in your state and then you can legally get them out.
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Go take the doors off of the house. This really works well in the Winter or Summer. If/When you ar confronted by the law, explain that you had to send them to the door shop for repairs. I also mentioned to the officer who came to arrest me for stealing. When I showed him that the house was mine and the tenants were 3 months behind on their rent, he left me alone.
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tusc. County real estate investorsI don;t know what state you live in but in ohio you must first post a 3 day notice for payment or to leave the premise .  If they don't pay, then you can start the eviction process.  You might want to join your local landlord's association. They can help you with all of this.  To join you might have to pay dues but they are not much and you can claim this expense on your taxes.  I have added a link to my assoc.

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