How Do I Get A Copy Of My G.e.d. Certificate In Arizona?


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There are a number of different ways to get a copy of a G.E.D certificate in Arizona.  There is a website that has a lot of information about all aspects of the GED certificates

It is easy to get a copy of the certificate and there are only a few stages that need to be followed.

1. The online form needs to be filled in.  This needs to be carried out carefully as any mistakes will make it hard for the college to work out what is wanted.

2. The fee must be included.  A money order is required and the fee will be available at the time.

3. The form must be signed or it will not be accepted as a proper request.

Once it has been agreed that the form has been filled in correctly the certificate will be mailed out.  It is important to wait for at least three days after the money order and the form have been received to ask if there are any problems or any more information is required.  The form needs to be sent to: - GED® Testing Bin #26 Arizona Department of Education 1535 West Jefferson Street Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

There will be private details that have to be added such as the Social Security number so as there will be no doubt that the person requesting the form is the person who passed the exam.  The form will be sent to a house as the criteria for taking the exam is that the person is no longer enrolled in any school.
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You should checkout the official GED website. They may have a chapter for your state. If you have the relevant information handy, you can call them at the toll-free number provided and they will give you the instructions. You generally have to fill-in a form and mail it to them.

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