How Do I Send California Prison Inmate Money?


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There are different processes you can go through to send money to inmates in a Californian prison. Your options include sending a money order, going through JPAY, via care package companies or by a check. You should keep in mind that a lot of care package companies will not do this service for you but it is worth asking. In addition, remember that if you do send money you should write a letter alongside it.

If you decide on sending money via the money order option then you should let them know beforehand in a letter that you are planning on sending money in and when you are going to do that. The money should usually get into their account within the first week of sending. However, in some cases it may not appear in their accounts until the inmate in question makes a request and then it will be deposited. You should also keep a record of the money order so then you can investigate if they have received it. You should wait until you know the inmate has received a receipt for the money.

Another option you can use is JPAY. This is an online service which allows you to set up an account free of charge. The process is very self-explanatory and you will be able to sign up whoever you wish to send money to and when you decide to send money it should appear in their account as soon as you process it. Once it has gone through, a receipt will be sent to the inmate. However, you need to keep in mind that the rates to send money through JPAY can be quite expensive and can be found on their website.
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Well you cannot send money to the California prison inmate you can deposit the money to the bank account of that person.
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paypal and are the companies registered with the state to transfer funds to inmates in California.
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Actually, the CDCR website says the is the only approved vendor. I have used them many times in the past and they are very reliable and cheap. goto
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Use, its the best and proven way. no other company is listed on the cdcr site for seding money online to ca inmates (also, jpay does most of the country, not just ca)
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