Who Is Entitled To Legal Aid?


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My father has applied for a divorce against my mother..my mother recives incapacity benifit..is my mother entitled to legal aid?
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Many people deserve aid in different age groups sometimes in youth, sometimes in young age and sometimes in old age. It depends upon the nature of aid for which these people are entitled of. Now we discuss your question that who is entitled to legal aid, it can be explained in the following way.

As I told you above that different age groups are entitled of aid in different timings but so far legal aid is concerned, it is only for your close blood relations. These relations may be of your father mother, brother sister, and wife children. If your parents in old age have no source of income they deserve or entitled of legal aid from you as well as their other children.

If your wife and children do not have any source of income, they too are entitled of legal aid from you. In the same way if your brothers and sisters do not have any means and measures for their livelihood, they also deserve legal aid from you. In the same way there are many poor and needy people who don't have any means for income, they too are entitled of legal aid from the government as well as the society.

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