What Is Legal Aid?


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Legal Aid was formed to provide legal services to those who before, could not afford it themselves.. it is pursaunt to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 7 of Legal Rights. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty and security of the person.
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Oh my god, look how old this question is and the answer is still the same legal is for persons that qualify for legal assistance, they most help the elderly with legal advice the best to you....
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Legal aid is the availability of legal services for those who cannot afford them, by way of public funding. In most countries the option of legal aid is available to all citizens provided certain conditions are met.

The nature of the court case and the financial situation of the person are the deciding factors generally. Legal aid is especially important in cases where the prosecuting party is well off while the defending party is not conversant with the legal procedure and does not have the means to ensure a correct and fair trial.

The people for whom legal aid is most applicable are elderly and retired people, people who are homeless, and those who have been the victim of a fraudulent consumer scheme. The funding is provided by a body established by the government like for example in the UK it is the Legal Aid Board which reviews applications and decides whether funds are to be granted or not.

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