Have The Courts Provided Adequate Protection To Citizens Against Overzealous Police Officers In Areas Of Search And Seizer And Interrogation Law?


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Recently, in Vermont, the state courts issued a ruling that declared post-arrest vehicles not open to search without a warrant. If a person has been arrested by a police officer for a specific act violating citizen obligations as defined by law, only search and seizure related to the crime must be acceptable. The U.S. Supreme Court does not agree with Vermont in their declaration, but it may become a normal part of the judicial process in the future across the board. As far as search and seizure and interrogation law, the automatic search of an arrested person's vehicle violates the Constitution. There is, however, a strong possibility that a person who has committed a crime is also participating in other unrelated criminal activity. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA courts issue warrants without the requirement of probable cause for spying on Americans. Since it was set up, it has issued 19,000 warrants and has denied only four (Pitt). Courts have gone too far and so has the Executive Branch of government where warrants are concerned.    Works Cited    Pitt, William Rivers. "Going Too Far." Truthout Editorials. 29 Dec 2005. Truthout. 1 Apr 2007 <.' target='_blank' class='qa'>www.truthout.org

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