Making use of a liberal Feminist approach discuss whether the law is an adequate tool to address the needs and desires of women?


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I am not a liberal feminist, but I am a woman. Any job I had, I got it by not being a liberal feminist. I got it by working my butt off. I also got promoted quickly because I worked my butt off. Anyone looking for special treatment because they feel that life isn't fair because of gender or skin tone, or any other perceived difference is doing themselves a disservice. You work for what you want and you will get it.

Sure there are going to be people who will treat you differently because of their antiquated notions, but whining about it just proves to them they are right. Busting @ss and getting the job done, quickly and correctly is going to be the only thing that will change their mind.

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I think law for feminism is supportive in many countries and some underdeveloped countries are working hard to regularize it. Well, you have highlighted great issue here. I am going to write some papers with best writing service online help to make people understand the role of women in development.

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