What Is The Importance Of Law? Why Do We Need To Follow The Law?


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Law is what tries to make life fair. Law can deliver justice when it is not.

Where does the law come from?

Law is a man-made phenomenon and therefore there is always a choice whether to follow it or not. If you do not follow the law, you will not die, so nature has no bearing on the laws of man. The law is something the human race has created to regulate society by introducing fairness, justice and equality. It is set by courts and governments and applies to everyone within their jurisdiction. There is not an option to opt out. Disobey and there will be consequences.

Why do we need the law?

If someone attacks you and steals your money, the law protects you by requiring the police to firstly find the culprit and then the courts to punish that person. You are protected from the attack because the threat of legal action is a deterrent, but also society is protected from the individual in the future. 

If someone sells you a watch which they say is gold and you later find that it is a cheap painted metal, the law says they must refund your money and be prosecuted for trying to trick you.

If you are black and are turned down for a job because you are not white, the law will punish the company that took that decision.

We need the law to ensure fairness in society.

What if we don't follow the law?

If nobody follows the law, the result is anarchy. This means fairness will be lost from society and only the richest or the meanest will prosper. The rewards of life only become available to those who can afford them or fight for them. Hard work will no longer result in success. Who likes pie?

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Law is made to maintain peace and order to people...
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Laws are the guidelines by which people that cohabitate as is being neighbors and living and working together need to abide by in order to protect everyones ability to enjoy, travel, work and entertain themselves in a society. Without laws there would be nothing one could do if another were violating there peace and enjoyment. As such it is stated and enforced in order to maintain peace as opposed to mayhem and chaos.
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First, you don't follow the Law.... You follow the rules...
And the importance of the Law  (for me) is that the Law makes us live and co-live in harmony...(or a sort of ) even if the rules are no perfect and they will never be... Its makes sense to have some order , nobody lives good in chaos.
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If we did not have law, the world would be a mess. The economy would fall apart because everyone would steal things for free and would not be punished for it.
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Law is very important for us. Law is an order of a powerful authority like a king,  a parliament in a civilized society.
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Actually this is quite a profound question. Where man is in harmony with nature and his own human nature there is no need for laws as the law of nature presides. When he loses touch with that then there is spiritual law. When he again loses touch with that then there is legal or social law to define his behavior. When he again loses touch with that then there is total anarchy until once again the Law of Nature which governs all life takes over. We can ignore Natural Law for some time, even in our case generations, but it doesn't over ride its truth and power. The ecology of the planet is suffering due to our ignoring Natures laws, however at the current rate, we will destroy ourselves, and this too is a standard law of Nature. When the parasite becomes stronger than the host, the host dies and the parasite with it.  So to answer your question, Law is Not Important at All if you abide by natural law as you will already know how to behave. Law is extremely important if you do not know how to behave as it provides immediate and obvious consequences to your actions thereby preventing you from harming yourself and others.

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