What Are Labor Laws And Their Importance?


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Employment law is another name used for Labor law. This law is used for the employee's benefits. It is the law which deals with the legal rights of and limitations on working people and their organizations. As such, it looks at many features of the links between manager, trade unions and employees. In different countries there are different; employment laws linked to unionized places of work are different from those relating to specific individuals and in most of the countries these differences are not there. There are two large classes of labor law.

• Collective Labor Law.
• Individual Labor Law.
Collective labor law is made for the relationships between group of employs including employer, employee and union. Individual labor law is made for the employees' rights who are at work and during the work contract.

Labor law started because the workers demand for suitable environment, right to organize, and the instantaneous demands of employers to limit the powers of workers' and to keep labor costs low. Employer's costs can increase such as health and safety conditions. Labor rights have been essential to the social and economic growth since the industrial revolution.
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Are the laws used to maintain and to safeguard the interest of the employees especially on legal rights. Their importance is  maintain peace and harmony between the employers and the empoloyees,to increase the productivity in the organisation concern

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