What Is The Law On Lunch Breaks?


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This lunch break law should be included in your package when you apply for the business license - if you are the business owner.

If you are in human resources, you have access to this and this should be posted in your lunch room - it is called company disclosure so that eoe applies. It is illegal not to have this posted in your lunch room for everybody to see and follow.

Employee need at least 15 minutes break after 2 hours of straight working - for them to function and think effectively. People who work straight hours are open stressful and they can have easily get a stroke or heart attack in the process which is not good for the company if these people are the key people or the people that helps the company to bring in revenue. The company should not drain their workers capacity to get their money worth - in the long run people will look for other company to work for and what will be left is just to keep on training new recruit and that's when the company's money will be wasted on. Giving an hour lunch and two 15 am and pm is cheaper than to recruit and train new employee many times a year.
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Dose the employer have the right to dock your pay if you do not take a lunch

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